1. Appreciation

It has been time and again proven that a piece of land can appreciate faster and higher compared to your investment in an Apartment.

Case 1: A property purchased in 2006 @ ₹ 56 Lakhs is now worth ₹ 3 Crores, which is 400% appreciation in 13 years which works out to be 30% p.a.

Case 2: A land in Devanahalli has appreciated 10 folds in 9 years. The land which was purchased at ₹ 35 Lakhs is worth ₹ 2 crores today, which is 470% growth in 9 years and works out to 52% p.a.

2. Ongoing Demand

There is always a special demand for plotted-development from investors. Investing in a plot of land has been always proven to give a great ROI. Hard-core property investors, senior management employees, Government Employees, long term investors and the aspiring ones who are living in a joint family lean towards investing in a plot. NRI’s are also ideal buyers who prefer a plot as they have no urgent need to move in. So, it is no surprise that there is an on-going demand for land investment.

3. Freedom to Customise

From all the good reasons to buy a plot, is, it gives you the flexibility to design the home the way you want it. Be it G+1 or G+2, be it a modern or Mediterranean or classic design, keep the kitchen the size you want, keep the bedroom at the G level or Level 1 or Level 2, plan the door facing as per your Vaastu needs, add more amenities like a pool, gym, servant room, pooja room, yoga, dog house and simply anything you want.

4. Limited Supply

There are many apartments in the market and the supply is way above the demand, the number of apartments delivered is only going up. It’s opposite for a plotted development community especially the ones which had lifestyle amenities like swimming pool, gym, Jacuzzi, sauna, and good quality infrastructure. These luxury villa plot developments are also less in supply and more in demand.

5. Move-in at your convenience

A plotted development will not force you to move in at any particular date or will have any deadline for you to build your dream home, the handover happens ideally after the infrastructure work is done and then it’s totally up to you when you want to build your villa.

6. Ideal future investment

Think long term when it comes to a plot, at least hold it for 5 years, you will see a great compounded appreciation, and its nothing like it if you hold it for the next 7 to 10 years. Investors now think long term, some investors plan for next-generation, some plan for next to the next generation. You will be surprised that some buy land to hold it up to 100 years, yes you heard it right 100 years. 

So, buy it for your children and be rest assured this investment will pay you back for all your future expenses like abroad education, marriage, medical and be it anything, one piece of land can be your lifetime security.

7. You will be building a villa at the cost lower than apartment

Primarily when you build your home on a plot, you build your villa and being an owner of a villa, puts you in a different league altogether. There is no comparison of owning a villa against an apartment. Secondly, the cost of your home will effectively work out to be cheaper than an apartment. For example, at eden144, your plot costs roughly 40Lakhs, and if you build a house for 1800 sq ft, the cost of construction will be 45Lakhs which comes to a total landing cost of 95Lakhs all-inclusive. In an apartment for an 1800 sq ft carpet area you are effectively paying for 2300 sq ft (super built) and if the cost is Rs 6500/- per sq ft, you pay Rs1,49,50,000/- plus car park, clubhouse charge, GST, registration and much more. In conclusion, additionally, you’ll pay 4 times the maintenance in an apartment building. This shows that an apartment maintenance cost is 4 times that of a villa.

8. Easy to maintain

Maintaining a villa is a lot easier and convenient compared to an apartment. Let’s take a case where there is a painting requirement. You can paint the internal and external walls and there is no dependency on maintenance from other apartments. But in case of flats, if the flat above you were to have a water linkage, you are sure to be affected and your ceiling may need to be fixed with repair and paint. There are no common areas used by all units as in apartments, lobby, lift corridors, etc.

9. Quick Exit

It is a no brainer and a common known fact that the plot has a 50% higher chance of getting sold than a villa. So, your plot will be sold faster than an apartment or villa.

10. More Space for the dollar

Let’s say the investment amount is USD 100,000 and you are looking to buy an apartment, you can get up to 1076 sq ft build-up area and an 840 net carpet area. And for USD 100,000, at Eden, you can get close to 2300 sq ft (net) and you can have a build-up area of 4025 sq ft.

11. Parking within your plot

When you own a villa you can Park your favorite, most likely an expensive car, right inside your garage, whereas in an apartment, you are parking the car in the basement or ground floor, far away from your flat.